Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser

Part I: Analysis

  1. “The Jewish Community Cannot Survive Betrayal by Its Leadership”
    Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser
  2. “The ADL Is Undermining the Battle Against Anti-Semitism”
    Jonathan S. Tobin
  3. “Moral Narcissism and the Psychology of Failure”
    Richard A. Landes
  4. “American Jews’ Political Kristallnacht”
    Joshua Block
  5. “How Did We Get Here?”
    Rebecca Sugar
  6. “The Two-State Solution and American Jewish Survival”
    Caroline B. Glick
  7. “Woke in Content, Jewish in Form: On the Failings of Jewish Education in America”
    Naya Lekht, Ph.D.
  8. “Where Jewish Leadership Went Astray”
    Richard L. Kronenfeld, Ph.D.
  9. “The Leadership We Deserve?”
    Bruce D. Abramson, Ph.D.
  10. “Where Are Today’s Maccabees?”
    Thane Rosenbaum

Part II: Proof Points

  1. “Our Greatest Weapon Is Exposing the Truth. So Why Do Jewish Leaders Fail to Do So?”
    Morton A. Klein
  2. “The Persistent Failure of American Jewish Leadership: A Case Study”
    Alan M. Dershowitz
  3. “The Reform Movement Left Me”
    Rabbi Cary Kozberg
  4. “Jewish Leaders Must Counter Islamist Supremacism”
    M. Zuhdi Jasser
  5. “Playing Defense Is Not Working on Campuses”
    William A. Jacobson and Johanna E. Markind
  6. “Jewish Leadership Fails in Fairfax County”
    Rebecca G. Schgallis
  7. “Boston Jewish Leaders Submit to the Lies of ‘Ethnic Studies’”
    Karen D. Hurvitz
  8. “JCPA ‘Wokeness’ Breeds Division”
    Joanne Bregman
  9. “The Hijacking of the American Zionist Movement”
    Lauri B. Regan
  10. “Deadly Exchange, Deadly Silence”
    Amy Rosenthal, Ph.D. and Josh Ravitch
  11. “Canada: Jewish Leaders Have Failed Here, Too”
    Henry Srebrnik
    “Epilogue: The Failure to Fight Black Anti-Semites, and Its Consequences”
    Charles Jacobs and Ben Poser